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Thank you for considering a tax-deductible gift to Consumer Reports. Your contribution helps save lives and makes everyday life better. Your support makes it possible for CR to test, rate, and review thousands of products and services; create more than 2,000 articles and 400 videos that engage and inform; speak up on consumer issues; and advocate for rules and regulations that keep you and your family safe.

CR accepts gifts of cash, stock, qualified charitable distributions from IRAs, real estate, and gifts arranged through wills or estate plans. Call 877-275-3425 for assistance.

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Consumer Reports
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How is Consumer Reports different?

  • We are a social enterprise, using revenue-generating strategies and philanthropy to fund our operations.

  • As a 501(c)(3) organization, everything we do is driven by our mission, not profit.

  • We don’t accept advertising, sponsorships, gifts, or free samples, so we are free from corporate influence.

  • Science and data are the foundation for all of our work.

  • We hold companies accountable for their products and services, and we hold ourselves to the highest standards of transparency and ethics.

  • With more than 6 million members, we are the largest consumer organization in the world.


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